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Courses Offered  -   AMIE Entrance Exam

Courses Offered  -  AMIE Entrance Exam

AMIE 2018 offered courses

The courses offered by the AMIE 2018 Exam are divided into two sections i.e. Section A and Section B. Section A is further divided into two parts. One if for diploma holders and the second is for non - diploma holders. Description is illustrated here:

Section A is portioned in two parts:

Section A.1: Diploma

Courses offered under this course are:

  • Elements of computer science
  • Material science
  • Elements of electrical engineering
  • Society and engineering

Section A.2: Non - Diploma

Courses offered under this section via AMIE 2018 are:

  • Mechanical science
  • Electrical science
  • Mathematics 1
  • Natural science
  • Data analysis and computer system
  • Fundamentals of electronics and instrumentation
  • Mathematics II

Section B

Courses offered this section through AMIE 2018 Exam are:

  • Textile engineering
  • Mining
  • Electrical
  • Metallurgical
  • Production
  • Civil
  • Computer science


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