MBA Syllabus   -   AMU Entrance Exam

MBA Syllabus   -  AMU Entrance Exam

Aligarh Muslim University ( AMU ) MBA Entrance Examination Syllabus – 2015

The three hour AMU MBA Entrance Exam is consists of questions from the following the topics

The question paper consists of 200 objective questions. Each question carries single marks, totally 200 marks.

i. General Awareness

Characteristics of Indian economy, basic economic indicators, industrial, trade, fiscal, budgetary and monetary policies, Indian banking system and its functioning, awareness about corporate sector, Indian and international trade, economic agreements, changes in political, technological and cultural environments.

ii. Numerical ability and Data interpretation

Elementary Arithmetic - percentage, ratio, proportion time and distance, relative speed, time and work, interest, stocks, shares and discount, rules of divisibility, HCF and LCM, power, exponents and roots; Elementary algebra - algebraic equations; Elementary geometry - angle, line, polygon, solids, cylinders, perimeter, volume, circles, tangent to circle, sphere, etc.; linear and quadratic equations; Basics of trigonometry and coordinate geometry.

Sets - Union and intersection; frequency and class intervals, cumulative frequencies, and various types of graphic diagrams used in interpretation; Basic of probability; and Permutation and combination

iii. Comprehension

Comprehension at paragraph and sentence level, identification of mistakes; grammar and usage; Vocabulary -word formation, synonyms, antonyms, pairing of words, analogies, sentence structure and construction, active and passive voice, prepositions, completion of sentences, etc.

iv. Verbal ability

This may include verbal reasoning and verbal analogy, letter series, number series, coding and decoding, logical diagrams, and syllogism, etc.

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