Exam Syllabus  -   AP PGLCET Entrance Exam

Exam Syllabus  -   AP PGLCET Entrance Exam

The paper is divided into two parts both testing a candidate’s knowledge of Indian Laws. The entire paper is focused on testing how much candidates have learned in their undergraduate law schools. The important topics are given below:

AP PGLCET LLM Syllabus – Part I

This section will have 40 questions of 1 mark each. Important topics are listed below:

JURISPRUDENCE (20 Ques. | 20 Marks)

  • Schools of Jurisprudence – Sources of Law
  • Custom Precedent and Legislation
  • Rights and duties – Ownership and Possession
  • Persons, Obligation, Property, Liability, Legal Sanctions

CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (20 Ques. | 20 Marks)

  • Nature of the Constitution: Fundamental Rights
  • Directive Principles of State Policy
  • Executive Judiciary and Legislature
  • Center-State Relations
  • Emergency provisions
  • Amendments to the constitution

AP PGLCET LLM Syllabus – Part II

This section will have 80 Questions of 1 mark each. Check the important topics under this:


  • International Law and Municipal Law
  • Subjects, State Territory, Air, Sea and outer space
  • Nationality and Statelessness
  • Extradition
  • Asylum
  • State Jurisdiction
  • United Nations

MERCANTILE LAW (16 Ques. | 16 Marks)

  • General Principles of Contract
  • Sections. 1-75
  • Indian Contract Act-1872

LABOUR LAW (16 Ques. | 16 Marks)

  • Trade Union Act 1926
  • Industrial Disputes Act 1947

CRIMES and TORTS (16 Ques. | 16 Marks)

  • Indian Penal Code -General Principles & General Exceptions
  • TORTS: General Principles of Tort
  • Defences
  • Joint liability
  • State liability for torts; Consumer Protection Act,1986

IPR & OTHER LAWS (16 Ques. | 16 Marks)

  • Copyright Act, 1957; Patents Act, 1970
  • Environmental Protection Act, 1986
  • Human Rights, The Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993
  • Salient features of Information Technology Act, 2000
  • The Right to Information Act 2005


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