Mathematics Syllabus  -   Assam JAT Entrance Exam

Mathematics Syllabus  -  Assam JAT Entrance Exam

Assam JAT 2013 Mathematics Syllabus :

·         Sets theory

·         Arithmetico-Geometric Series

·         Complex number

·         Lagrange’s Mean Value Theorems.

·         Heights and Distances

·         Applications for approximations

·         Arithmetic Geometric and Harmonic progressions

·         Binomial Theorem and its Applications

·         Integration using trigonometric identities

·         Calculation of Mean median and mode of grouped and ungrouped data

·         Family of Circles

·         Combination

·         Conic Sections

·         Differential Calculus

·         Differential Equations

·         Binomial and Poisson distributions

·         Evaluation of determinants

·         Exponential and Logarithmic series

·         Fundamental integrals

·         Integral as limit of a sum

·         Integral Calculus

·         Matrices and Determinants

·         Maxima and minima of functions

·         Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion

·         Permutations and Combinations

·         Polynomials

·         Probability

·         Quadratic equations – application to practical problems

·         Quadratic equations in real and complex number system and their solutions

·         Radius and centre equation of a circle

·         Recall of Cartesian system of rectangular co-ordinates in a plane distance

·         Relation between roots and co-efficients nature

·         Sequences and Series

·         Sets and their Representations

·         Speed and velocity

·         Sphere

·         Statics

·         Tangency

·         The straight line and pair of straight lines

·         Three Dimensional Geometry

·         Trigonometry

·         Two dimensional Geometry

·         Vector Algebra

·         Motion under gravity

·         Laws of motion Projectile


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