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Physics Syllabus  -   CMC Vellore Entrance Exam

Physics Syllabus  -  CMC Vellore Entrance Exam

Physics Syllabus:

  1. Alternating Current
  2. Capacitance
  3. Center of Mass, Impulse and Momentum
  4. Circular Motion
  5. Current Electricity
  6. Elasticity
  7. Electromagnetic Induction
  8. Electrostatics
  9. EM Waves
  10. Fluids
  11. Gravitation
  12. Heat and Thermodynamics
  13. Heating and Chemical Effects of Current
  14. Kinetic Theory of Gases
  15. Laws of Motion
  16. Magnetic effect of Current and Magnetism
  17. Modern Physics: (Atomic Models)
  18. Motion in One Dimension
  19. Motions In 2D
  20. Physics of Nucleus
  21. Principles of Communication
  22. Radioactivity
  23. Ray Optics
  24. Rotational Motion
  25. Simple Harmonic Motion
  26. Solids and Semiconductor Devices
  27. Units Dimensions Errors
  28. Vectors Motions
  29. Wave Motion
  30. Wave Optics 
  31. Work Energy Power
  32. X-Rays


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