Physics Syllabus  -   GBPUAT Entrance Exam

Physics Syllabus  -  GBPUAT Entrance Exam

Govind Ballabh Pant University Of Agriculture & Technology ( GBPUAT ) Entrance Examination physics syllabus – 2015 :

 For Undergraduate:

Physical measurements, System of units, Dimensions, Errors in measurement, Motion in one, two and three dimensions, Laws of motion, Work, Energy and power, Center of mass, Rigid bodies, Rotational motion, Gravitation, Acceleration due to gravity, Gravitational potential energy, Geostationary satellites.

Brownian motion, Avogadro’s hypothesis and Avogadro’s number, Inter-atomic and intermolecular forces, States of matter, Crystalline and glassy solids, Elasticity, Pressure, Archimede’s principle, Viscosity, Fluid flow, Surface tension.

Kinetic theory of gases, Temperature, Thermal expansion, Heat, Specific heat, Heat capacity, First and second laws of thermodynamics, Heat engines, Transfer of heat.

Periodic motion, Time period and frequency, Simple harmonic motion, Springs, Kinetic and potential energy in SHM, Simple pendulum, Forced oscillations, Resonance, Free and damped oscillations, Superposition principle of waves, Harmonic waves, Reflection of waves, Standing and traveling waves, Beats, Doppler effect.

Properties of electric charge, Coulomb’s law, Lines of force, Electric dipole, Electric flux, Electric field, Gauss’s theorem, Electrostatic potential, Potential energy, Capacitors and capacitance, Current, Voltage, Resistance, Ohm’s law, Kirchhoff’s laws, Ammeter, Voltmeter, Chemical and thermal effects of currents, Thermoelectricity.

Magnetic field due to a current, Biot-Savart law, Lorentz force, Amperes law, Magnetic dipole moment, Torque, Galvanometer, Moving charges in magnetic and electric fields, Field of a bar magnet, Magnetic field lines, Magnetic flux, Magnetic field of earth, Tangent galvanometer.

Faraday’s law of induction, Lorenz’s law, Lorentz force, Inductance, RC, LR and LCR circuits, Power flow in AC circuits, Resonance and oscillations, Electromagnetic waves, em-wave equations, Spectrum of e.m. waves and light.

Light rays, Wavefronts, Coherent and incoherent sources, Interference, Diffraction and Polarization of light, Luminousity, Velocity of light, Reflection from spherical surfaces, Refraction at spherical surfaces, Lenses, Dispersion and spectroscopes, Optical defects in mirrors and lenses, Optical instruments, Microscope, Telescope, Cathode rays, e/m of electrons, Photoelectric effect, Photocell, Wave nature of matter.

Atomic masses, Binding energy, Size of the nucleus, Radioactivity, Nuclear energy, Fission and fusion reactions.

Molecules, Molecular energies, Rotational and vibrational spectra, Solids and their structures, Semiconductors, Semiconductor diodes, Transistors.

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