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Application Fees  -   IMCAT Entrance Exam

Application Fees  -  IMCAT Entrance Exam

IMCAT Eligibility 2013:

All applicants should have completed a minimum of 15 years of formal schooling (on 10+2+3 or 10+2+4 basis) by July. Applicants who have completed their graduation on a one-time sitting basis or on a 2-year basis are not eligible for admission to the MCA Program. Although the only specific requirement for admission is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, the admissions committee seeks to admit a mix of applicants who bring unique contributions from their diverse backgrounds and experiences and who collectively enrich the educational experience. Students in their final year bachelor’s degree course are also eligible to apply, provided they complete their graduation requirements including practical examinations/ viva/ assignments by July. Such applicants will have to produce a certificate to that effect at the time of admission. For any extension of this deadline, the applicants should apply separately, giving the schedule of their graduation examination. Extension may be granted on the basis of the circumstances of the case. The admission of applicants will, however, remain provisional until they produce marksheets and a degree certificate establishing their eligibility.




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