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Jammu University conducts MCA Entrance Examination so as to admit the eligible students into the MCA seats offered by the University. This University welcomes all the people from different creeds with the main objective of leading the people from darkness to light. Jammu University invites applications from the eligible students against the number of MCA seats which has been offered by the university.

Jammu UniversityImportant Documents

JUET MCA Entrance Examination Important Dates – 2014 Particulars Dates Date of notification for Jammu University Entrance Test 10-05-2014 Sale of Brochure at designated counters and filling of Online Application form ( without late fee ) 20-05-2014 Last date for Sale of Brochure at designated counters and filing of Online Application form ( without late fee ) 03-06-2014 Last date for Sale of Brochure at designated counters and filling of Online Application ( with late fee of Rs 80 ) 06-06-2014 Last date for submitting the Application Fee ( with and without late fee ) in any of the J&K Bank Branches 09-06-2014 Availability of Admit Card / Attendance Sheet 16-06-2014 Dates of Jammu University Entrance Test ( JUET-2014 ) 20-06-2014 To 25-06-2014 Publication of Answer key for Jammu University Entrance Test ( JUET-2014 ) 27-06-2014 Last date of entertaining any complaint pertaining to question paper (s) / Answer Key…

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Jammu UniversityEligibility Criteria

JUET MCA Entrance Examination Eligibility criteria - 2014 A candidate to be eligible for admission to the Master Degree in the University, must have passed / appeared in the final year of the qualifying Bachelor’s degree examination of 10+2+3 pattern in Arts, Science, Commerce, or Business Administration or an examination qualifying for a professional degree of not less than 3 years duration or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereof, from a recognized university / institution with at least 40% of the aggregate marks or as specified ( 36% for the Scheduled Caste / Tribe candidates ).

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Jammu UniversitySalary

JUET MCA Entrance Examination Syllabus – 2014 Mathematics: 40% Percentage, Interest, Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Height & Distance, Stock & Shares, Ratio & Proportion, Average, Fractions etc. Trigonometry Calculus & Analytical Geometry. Differential Equations. Statistics & Probability. Modern Algebra & Matrix Theory Theory of Equations etc. Fundamentals of Computer Arithmetic:40% Series – Numeric & Alphabetic. Logical Reasoning. Representation of Characters. Floating Point Representation of numbers. Fundamentals of Computers. Boolean Algebra. Binary Arithmetic etc. English:20% Vocabulary. Grammar and Usage. English Comprehension etc. Mathematics Partial Differentiation, Euler’s Theorem, Double Points, Polar co-ordinate system and its relation with Cartesian co-ordinate system, angle between radius vector and tangent to a curve. Integration and its applications. Calculus of vector-valued functions e.g. gradient, divergence, curl and their properties. De-Moivre’s theorem and its application, exact equations, differential Equations of 2nd and 3rd order with constant coefficients. Sets, relations and functions. Groups, subgroups, cyclic groups, quotient…

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Jammu UniversityApplication Form Availability

JUET MCA Entrance Examination Application form Availability – 2014 SALE of Admission-cum-Information Brochure & submission of online Application Form: JUET – 2014 Admission-cum-Information Brochure shall be available at the following designated Branches of Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. on all working days on cash payment of Rs. 145/- ( Rs. 125/- cost of Admission-cum-Information Brochure + Rs. 20/- as Bank charges ): Jammu – New University Campus, Talab Tillo, Shalamar and Gandhi Nagar. Kathua – Main Branch. Poonch – Main Branch. Rajouri – Main Branch. Bhaderwah – Main Branch. Udhampur – Main Branch. Srinagar – Kashmir University Campus, Hazratbal. Leh – Main Branch

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Jammu UniversitySalary

Syllabus for JU MCA EE Mental Ability Mathematics 1.      Quadratic equation 2.      Equations reducible to quadratic form 3.      Relation between roots and coefficients 4.      Arithmetic progression 5.      Geometric progression 6.      Series of natural numbers 7.      Partial fractions 8.      Binomial Theorem and its applications 9.      Trigonometric ratios and their relations 10.  Ratios of some standard angles 11.  Solution of trigonometric equations 12.  Sum and difference formulae 13.  Product formulas 14.  Multiple and sub-multiple angles 15.  Solution of triangles 16.  Cartesian Co-ordinates 17.  Equations of straight lines in various forms 18.  Intersection of two straight lines 19.  Angles between two lines 20.  Distance formulae 21.  Equation of a circle in various forms 22.  Tangent and normal to a circle 23.  Concept of a function 24.  Limit 25.  Standard limits 26.  Continuity 27.  Differentiation 28.  Differentiation from first principles 29.  Differentiation of sum, product 30.  Quotient of functions 31.  Function of a function 32.  Differentiation of implicit functions 33.  Trigonometric functions 34.  Logarithmic differentiation 35.  Definite and Indefinite integrals 36.  Method of integration by substitution 37.  Partial fractions 38.  Integration of rational and irrational functions English Comprehension 1.      Briefing of the given…

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Jammu UniversityGeneral Studies and Engineering Aptitude

JUET MCA Entrance Examination Centers – 2014 Jammu             Poonch      Bhaderwah      Leh

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Jammu UniversityApplication Procedure

JUET MCA Entrance Examination Application Procedure – 2014 Candidates will be required to first purchase JUET-2014 brochure from designated J&K Bank counters* and then apply online through Jammu University’s website www.jammuuniversity.in. Once the application form is submitted online, the candidates are required to pay the requisite fee through Offline Mode:  The system will generate a challan form pre-printed with the candidate’s details which will be required to be presented at any of the J&K Bank branches with the requisite fee. On payment of the requisite fee through computer generated challan form, the process for the online application will be completed. *Note: The application will be rejected if the payment is not deposited through auto generated challan within the specified time period and there will be no issuance of Admit card in this case.           Instructions for Applying Online                                           i. Refer JUET-2014 Brochure and read it carefully…

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