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Management Association of MCA Institutes (MAMI)

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Management Association of MCA Institutes (MAMI) (MAMI MCA)

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The Association of MCA Institutes in Maharashtra is registered as 'Management Association of MCA Institutes' bearing No. MAH/ 1084/04/A.nagar dated 31/12/2004.

'Networking for a bright future' is the motto of the Management Association of MCA Institutes. The chief role of the Association is that of a significant contributor to the field of IT and to the cause of revolutionizing the study of Computer Application at the postgraduate level.

The Association reserves the right to add or delete the examination centres due to unforseen circumstances during the conduct of MAMI-MCA-CET-2014 at a center(s) and in the contingencies like incidence of mass copying, leakage of question paper, entrance of unauthorized persons in the examination centres / halls, natural calamities, riots, etc. rendering it impossible for smooth conduct of MAMI-MCA-CET-2014. The Competent Authority may cancel the examination at such or all center(s).

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Official Contact Detail for MAMI MCA

Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research

IMS Campus, Station Road, Ahmednagar - 414 001. (M.S.)

Phone: (0241) 2346532, 2324830 l

Fax: (0241) 2346529 l

Mobile: 94227 27198

E-mail: l


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