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Sathyabama University was established with a mission of taking the technical education standard of this country to the next level.At present, the University offers 22Under Graduate courses, 46Post Graduate Courses and Ph.D., Programme in Engineering, Technology, Science, Education, Management and Bachelor of Dental  Surgery. The University admits students into Under Graduate Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Bachelor of Dental Surgery courses based on the All IndiaEntrance Examination conducted by the University every year. Sathyabama University is conducting All India Level Entrance Examination, Sathyabama University Entrance Examination 2015courses offered for B.d.S course .Sathyabama University has a Management Board which has representatives from the Institution’s Management, UGC Nominee, and Faculty Members, Planning and Monitoring Board and Finance Committee, Academic Council and Board of Studies . 

Sathyabama UniversityImportant Documents

Important Dates for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination - 2015: For Dental course B.D. S: Issue of Entrance Exam Application Form: 24th November 2014 Last Date for Submission of Application Form :28th March 2015 Entrance Exam on Paper Pencil Mode:19th April 2015 Entrance Exam on Online Mode : 22nd - 24th April 2015

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Sathyabama UniversityChemistry Syllabus

Chemistry Syllabus for Sathyabama University All India Entrance Exam - 2015 Unit 1: Some Basic Concepts in Chemistry Matter and its nature, Dalton’s atomic theory; Concept of atom, molecule, element and compound; Physical quantities and their measurements in Chemistry, precision and accuracy, significant figures, S.I. Units, dimensional analysis; Laws of chemical combination; Atomic and molecular masses, mole concept, molar mass, percentage composition, empirical and molecular formulae; Chemical equations and stoichiometry. Unit 2: States of Matter Classification of matter into solid, liquid and gaseous states. Gaseous State: Measurable properties of gases; Gas laws - Boyle’s law, Charle’s law, Graham’s law of diffusion, Avogadro’s law, Dalton’s law of partial pressure; Concept of Absolute scale of temperature; Ideal gas equation; Kinetic theory of gases (only postulates); Concept of average, root mean square and most probable velocities; Real gases, deviation from Ideal behaviour, compressibility factor, van der Waals equation, liquefaction of gases, critical constants.…

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Sathyabama UniversityPhysics Syllabus

Physics Syllabus for Sathyabama University All India  Entrance Exam    - 2015 For B.D.S course Unit 1: Physics and Measurement Physics, technology and society, S I units, Fundamental and derived units. Least count, accuracy and precision of measuring instruments, Errors in measurement, Significant figures. Dimensions of Physical quantities, dimensional analysis and its applications. Unit 2: Kinematics Frame of reference. Motion in a straight line: Position time graph, speed and velocity. Uniform and non uniform motion, average speed and instantaneous velocity Uniformly accelerated motion, velocity-time, position-time graphs, relations for uniformly accelerated motion. Scalars and Vectors, Vector addition and Subtraction, Zero Vector, Scalar and Vector products, Unit Vector, Resolution of a Vector. Relative Velocity, Motion in a plane, Projectile Motion, Uniform Circular Motion. Unit 3: Laws of Motion Force and Inertia, Newton’s First Law of motion; Momentum, Newton’s Second Law of motion; Impulse; Newton’s Third Law of motion. Law of conservation of linear…

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Sathyabama UniversityApplication Procedure

Application Procedure for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015 For B.D.S course Application Forms and information brochures will be available at the at the University Admission Office. How to Apply The completed application should be sent to the University so as to reach before the last date specified. Once the candidate is selected, he / she will be notified. To apply for Entrance Examination, the eligible candidate may choose any one of the following options: 1. Purchasing Application Form: Eligible candidates can buy the application form on payment of Rs. 750/- at major Indian Bank Branches throughout India and Our University Campus. Filled in applications should be sent to "Director, Sathyabama University, Jeppiaar Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Chennai 600119", on or before 28th March, 2015. Applications Received After the Due Date Will Be Summarily Rejected 2. Online Application: Student can also use Online application available at…

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Sathyabama UniversityGeneral Studies and Engineering Aptitude

Exam Centre for Sathyabama University All India Entrance Exam – 2015: For B.D.S Course  Entrance Examination Exam Centre List STATE PLACES Centre Code Andaman Port Blair 11 Andhra Pradesh Guntur 12 Hyderabad 13 Nellore 14 Tirupati 15 Vijayawada 16 Visakhapatnam 17 Assam Guwahati 18 Bihar Patna 19 Chattisgarh Bilaspur 20 Gujarat Ahmedabad 21 Maharashtra Mumbai 22 Jharkhand Ranchi 23 Karnataka Bengaluru 24 Kerala Enrakulam 25 Thiruvananthapuram 26 Madhya Pradesh Bhopal 27 Delhi New Delhi 28 Orissa Bhubaneswar 29 Puducherry Puducherry 30 Tamilnadu Chennai 31 Coimbatore 32 Madurai 33 Nagercoil 34 Salem 35 Tanjore 36 Trichy 37 Tripura Agartala 38 West Bengal Kolkotta  

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Sathyabama UniversityExam Pattern

Exam Pattern for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015 For B.D.S course Part - A Comprises of 60 questions from physics and chemistry ( 30 questions of Each )  of Multiple Choice type  Part - B Comprises of 60 questions from Mathematics of Multiple Choice type Part - C Comprises of 60 questions from Biology of Multiple Choice type Part – A compulsory for all Students Each question in the question Papers carries one Marks and No Negative marks for wrong Answer For More Details refer the official website.

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Sathyabama UniversityResults

Sathyabama University All India Entrance Exam Results - 2015: For B.D.S The entrance examination results will be available on and will also be intimated through SMS ( only to the mobile number given in the OMR Data sheet ). Since the paper – pencil Entrance Exam Answer sheet is Machine Readable , and evaluated with care, there is no provision for Revaluation or Retotalling. No photocopy of answer sheet will be made available. Bo correspondence in this regard will be entertained. Sathyabama University Entrance Examination Results are likely to be declared  by the month of May 2015. For More Details refer the official Website.

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Sathyabama UniversityGeneral English

Counseling Procedure for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015: For Dental Course: The date / time for counseling will be published in official website. Candidates download their counseling letter from the website. Change of date / time is not permissible. Required documents: The following documents along with one set of photocopies are produced at the time of counseling: Counseling call letter. Entrance exam2015Admitcard and Result copy. Secondary School mark sheet. HSC mark sheet. Authentic records pertaining to identification, age, marks sheet of qualifying examination, community certificate and other eligible criteria. Allotment of branch once made is final and cannot be changed. Upon allotment candidate has to submit all the original documents and also pay the full tuition fee for first year. For More Details refer the official Website.

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Sathyabama UniversityScholarships

Scholarship Details for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015: For Dental Course B.D.S : University offers Scholarships to students who secure the top three positions in the University Semester Examinations. If a student continuously maintains top rank in eight consecutive semesters of University semester examination, the student will be eligible for a maximum Scholarship. For More Details regarding Scholarships offered for meritorious students, please visit     

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Sathyabama UniversityEligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015: For Dental Course: Should have passed in the 10+2 / HSC / ICSE or equivalent examination from any recognized state / university with Biology, Physics, Chemistry with the minimum 60 % average marks in each subject. Students passed in compartmental class / Grade / Passed with Arrear/s are not eligible for admission. For More Details, please visit official website

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Sathyabama UniversityGeneral Instructions

Exam Instruction for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015: For Dental Course: A candidate can appear only in one mode of exam either Paper-Pencil mode or Online ( Computer Based ) mode. Instruction for Paper-Pencil Examination Candidate should be present in the examination centre at least 1 hour before the commencement of examination. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the examination hall after 30minutes.Candidates should bring the following into examination centre: Hall Ticket issued by Sathyabama University Any one original photo identity such as Aadhar Card, Voter Identity Card, Driving License, Sharp HB pencil (s), eraser and black Ballpoint pen, No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall till the end of the examination. Instructions for Online Examination Candidate should get all the details at official website during a period which will be intimated to the candidates and choose the Exam Centre and examination…

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Sathyabama UniversityAdmit Card

Admit Card Details  for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015: For Dental Course: Admit card will be issued only to those candidates who have submitted their application forms complete in all aspects, on or before the last date. Admit card contain the following details, Name of the candidate Photograph and address of the candidate Address of the test center Admit card should be downloaded from other official website. No candidate will be permitted to write the test without a valid admit card For More Details, please visit official website

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Sathyabama UniversityContact Address

Contact Address for the Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination – 2015: For Dental Course: The Registrar Sathyabama University (Established under section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956)Declared as Category " A " University by Ministry of Human Resource Development ( MHRD ) , Government of India . (A CHRISTIAN MINORITY INSTITUTION) Jeppiaar Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Chennai - 600 119. Tamilnadu, INDIA. University Administrative Office: Jeppiaar Nagar, Rajiv Gandhi  Road, Chennai - 600 119. Phone: 044 - 2450 3150 / 51 / 52 / 54 / 55 Fax: 044 - 2450 2344 Chancellor - Directors - Vice Chancellor - Registrar - Controller of Examinations - Dean (Publications) - For More Details, please visit official website          

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Sathyabama UniversityBiology Syllabus

 Sathyabama University All India Entrance Examination  Biology syllabus  - 2015 For B.D. S course Unit I: Diversity of Living Organism What is living? Biodiversity;Need for classification; Three domain of life; Taxonomy & Systematics; Concept of species and taxonomical hierarchy; Binomial nomenclature; Tools for study of Taxonomy- Museums, Zoos, Herbaria, Botanical gardens. Five kingdom classification; Salient features and classification of Monera; Protista and Fungi into major groups; Lichens; Viruses and Viroids. Salient features and classification of plants into major groups-Algae, Bryophytes, Pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms (three to five salient and distinguishing features and at least two examples of each category); Angiosperms - classification up to class, characteristic features and examples. Salient features and classification of animals-non chordate up to phyla level and chordate up to classes level (three to five salient features and atleast two examples). Unit II: Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants Morphology and modifications; Tissues; Anatomy and functions…

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