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Exam Syllabus  -   NDA & NA Entrance Exam

Exam Syllabus  -  NDA & NA Entrance Exam

NDA Syllabus 2019

The NDA syllabus will comprise mathematics, English and general knowledge sections. Candidates can follow the NDA 2019 syllabus given below:


Concept of set, operations on sets, venn diagrams, types of matrices, operations on matrices, the determinant of a matrix, trigonometrical ratios, trigonometric identities sum and difference formulae, distance formula. the equation of a line in various forms, angle between two lines, distance of a point from a line, equation of a circle in standard and in general form, composite functions, one to one, onto and inverse functions, the notion of limit, standard limits, etc.

GAT (General Aptitude Test):

English: Vocabulary, grammar and usage, comprehension and cohesion in extended text to test the candidate’s proficiency in English. It tests the candidate’s understanding of English and the use of words.

General Knowledge: This section contains topics from physics, chemistry, general science, geography, current events, history, freedom movement, etc.

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