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Courses Offered  -   NSI Entrance Exam

Courses Offered  -  NSI Entrance Exam

Courses Offered:

1. [ANSI (ST)] P.G. Diploma in Sugar Technology

2. [ANSI (SE)] P.G. Diploma in Sugar Engineering

3. [DIFAT] P. G. Diploma in Industrial Fermentation and Alcohol Technology

4. [DSPMM] P.G. Diploma in Sugarcane Productivity & Maturity Management

5. [DIIPA] P.G. Diploma in Industrial Instrumentation & Process Automation

6. [SBCC] Sugar Boiling Certificate Course

7. [SECC] Sugar Engineering Certificate Course

8. [CCQC] Certificate Course in Quality Control

9. Sugar Technology/ Sugar Chemistry.

10. F.N.S.I. in Sugar Engineering

11. F.N.S.I. in Fermentation Technology.


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