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The Science & Engineering Research Board (SERB) (statutory body established through an Act of Parliament) recognized JEST as a National Eligibility Test sponsored programmes/projects vide their Office Memo No. SB/S9/Z-01/201S. Qualifying in JEST does not entitle an applicant to get a Research Fellowship. Using the JEST results, each institute will call a limited number of candidates for further selection depending on their requirements. Applicants seeking admission  for a Ph.D / Integrated Ph.D Programme in Physics or Theoretical Computer Science or Neuroscience or Computational Biology in  one  of the Participating Institutes may appear for the Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) at one of the Exam Centers.

JEST Physics Syllabus

JOINT ENTRANCE SCREENING TEST - 2018 - Physics Syllabus  Physics Syllabus for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PH.D Entrance Examination – 2018: Mathematical Methods Vector algebra and vector calculus; linear vector spaces, linear operators, matrices and Eigen value problem; Sturm–Lowville theory, classical orthogonal polynomials; linear ordinary differential equations, exact and series methods of solution; linear partial differential equations, solution by separation of variables; complex variables, analytic functions, Taylor and Laurent expansions, contour integration; Fourier and Laplace transforms. Classical Mechanics Newton’s laws, conservation of energy and momentum, collisions; generalized coordinates, principle of least action, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of mechanics; symmetry and conservation laws; central force problem, Kepler problem; rigid body motion; small oscillations and normal modes; special relativity in classical mechanics. The uncertainty principle; conceptual basis of quantum mechanics; Schrodinger equation, problems in one, two and three dimensions, bound states and tunneling, particle in a box, harmonic oscillator,…

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JEST Important Dates

Important Dates for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PH.D Entrance Examination- 2018: Online applications will be accepted from : November 15, 2017. Last date for online submissions is extended up to : December 16, 2017. JEST 2015 will be held on : February 18, 2018. For more details please visit following official website,

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JEST Examination Centres

Exam Centers for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PhD Entrance Examination– 2018: JEST will be held at the locations indicated below. Ahmedabad Kochi Aligarh Kolkata Allahabad Madurai Bangalore Mumbai Bardhaman Nagpur Bhopal Nainital Bhubaneswar Patna Chandigarh Pune Chennai Raipur Delhi Roorkee Goa Sambalpur Guwhati Silchar Hyderabad Siliguri Indore Srinagar Jaipur Trivandrum Kanpur Udaipur Kharagpur Vishakhapatnam For more details please visit the following website,

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JEST Application Procedure

Application Procedure for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) Ph.D Entrance Examination – 2018: Applications for  JEST- 2018 can be submitted ON-LINE ONLY. Last date of  ON-LINE submission of applications is  December 16, 2017. Before filling the ON-LINE application form, candidate is requested to read the following instructions carefully. ON-LINE Application To apply online, applicants must create an account using a valid email-id. This account will remain valid from the time of account creation till one month after the date of declaration of results, for that year. Email-ids are linked to the created account as well as  to the application, and will be used for all communications with the applicants. Therefore, the email-id should be active and must not be changed during this period. To submit application online,  applicants must login to the created account and complete the application form. After submission, an unique submission number will be sent to your email-id.…

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JEST Admit Card

Admit Card for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) Ph.D Entrance Examination – 2018: ·         On successful submission of ON-LINE application form you will receive an E-mail with following information from JEST Website. • Application data after final submission containing  Unique Submission Number and filled in data. ·       Please save this e-mail for further correspondence with the JEST authority. ·       If you do not receive the above-mentioned e-mail after submission of application form and the successful e-payment of the application fee, contact JEST authority. ·       Admit card will be available in the JEST webpage after 20th of January, 2018. Bring a printout of the downloaded admit card and one of your photo-ids for entry into the examination centre. Admit cards will NOT be sent by post/email. For more details please visit the following website,

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JEST Participating Institutions

Participating Institutions for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PhD Entrance Examination– 2018: The following Institutes are participating in JEST- 2018: ARIES Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences, Nainital: Astronomy and Astrophysics, and Atmospheric Physics. HBNI Homi Bhabha National Institute, Mumbai HRI Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad: Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics ICTS International centre for theoretical sciences ( TIFR ), Bangalore: Astrophysical Relativity, Data Assimilation and Dynamical Systems, Statistical Physics and Turbulence, and String theory and Quantum Gravity. IGCAR Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakam: Solid State Phase transformations, Superconductivity, Structure and dynamics of soft condensed matter, Band structure studies, Accelerators based Irradiation induced phenomena, Low-dimensional systems, Physics of interfaces, Nano-materials, Thin films technology and Theoretical physics IIA Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bangalore: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Astronomical Instrumentation, Optics, and Atomic Physics. IISc Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore: Condensed Matter Physics ( Experiments and Theory ), Astronomy and Astrophysics (…

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JEST Application Fees

Eligibility for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PhD Entrance Examination – 2018: ·         An Application Fee of Rs. 300 (Rs 150 for SC/ST, Female applicants ONLY) is required to be paid along with the application which can be paid online using Debit/Credit cards and Net-banking. Payment by any other mode will NOT be accepted. Please check the Available Payment Options and Transaction Charges ·         Application Fee is waived for FEMALE applicants belonging to SC/ST.  They need not pay the application fee. ·         Please go through the refund policy (new tab) before paying the application fee. ·         Payment of the fee will imply your agreement to the stated refund policies. For more details please visit the following website,

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JEST Contact Address

Contact Address for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PhD Entrance Examination– 2018: IISER Pune is the organizing institution for JEST- 2018. The co-ordinators can be reached at:  Official Website:

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JEST Theoretical Computer Science - Syllabus

Theoretical Computer Science Syllabus for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PhD Entrance Examination – 2018: JEST- 2015 Theoretical Computer Science covers following topics: 1. Analytical Reasoning and Deduction 2. Combinatorics 3. Data Structures and Algorithms 4. Discrete Mathematics 5. Graph Theory 6. Principles of Programming For more details, refer following website:

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JEST Exam Pattern

Exam Pattern for Joint Entrance Screening Test ( JEST ) PhD Entrance Examination – 2018: JEST exam- 2018 Pattern will be of total 3 hrs to solve the entire question paper. Approximately 40% questions will be from B.Sc. level and 60% will be from M.Sc. level. Levels No. of questions Time 1st level 25 questions Each carries one mark 3 hrs 2nd level 2nd level consists of 25 questions. Each carries three marks For more details, refer following website:

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