Psycology Syllabus  -   VBU DEET Entrance Exam

Psycology Syllabus  -  VBU DEET Entrance Exam

Vinoba Bhave University Doctoral Eligibility Entrance Test ( DEET ) Entrance Examination Psycology Syllabus – 2018


Gestalt law of perception, social and personal factors of perception. Central and peripheral theory of thinking. Nature and factors influencing problem solving. Types of memory (Sensory, STM, & LTM)

Contribution of Freud. Contribution of Adler. Contribution of Jung. Contribution of Maslow.

Perceptual defence, subliminal perception, Nature, cause and prevention of aggression. Nature of prejudice, its development in India and its reduction. Factors of social changeSanskritization, Westernization, Globalization.

Biological model and Socio-cultural model of abnormality. Etiology of hypertension and asthma as psychosomatic disorders. Symptoms, types, cause and treatment of Phobia, Paraphillias(i.e. perversion).

Major steps of social research. Difference between Lab-experiment and field experiment. Meaning and characteristics of good sample and Random sampling and stratified smpling. Characteristics of an objective test. Steps involved in construction of test.

Trait approach of personality (Allport), Type approach of personality (Eysenck), Biological determinants of personality, Socio-cultural determinants of personality.

Cause, control of child abuse, historical and psychological approach of social tension. Cause and control of population explosion. Cause and measures of juvenile delinquency.

Difference between parametric statistics and non-parametric statistics. Properties of normal probability curve statistics, Assumptions of bi-serial correlation and Assumptions of point biserial correlation.



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