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Dhanalakshmi Bank

Dhanalakshmi Bank’s  Education Loan

Objective of the Scheme :

Dhanalakshmi Bank provides financial support to meritorious students for pursuing higher education in India and abroad. Meritorious Students under management Quota are eligible for Education Loan.

Eligibility of the Student  :

For Studies in India :

Students of Indian nationality ( whether minor or major )

Parents can also apply jointly with the student and facilitate repayment through existing sources of income

Eligible Courses :

Graduate and post-graduate degree / diploma courses in computer science, engineering, medicine, dental science, pharmacy, agricultural and veterinary sciences

Post-graduate courses in arts, general science, commerce, and management ( from recognized colleges and universities )

Post graduate diploma in computer application from reputed institutes such as NIIT, APTECH, BITECH, SSI etc.

For Studies over a Wide Area :

Indian National over 18 years of age

The applicant should produce a copy of the Result of Qualifying / Mandatory examination such as TOEFL, SAT, GRE, AGRE, GMAT etc. together with a copy of valid passport, proof of Admission to the college or university and a copy of the Visa / Form I-20

Eligible Courses :

Under-graduate courses in biological & natural sciences, computer sciences, and engineering

Post-graduate courses in the above disciplines and business administration ( Applicants should submit a brief report on the prospects of the course. )

Liability of Finance :

Expenses allotted for the Loan :

  • Pay admission and tuition fee
  • Purchase books, study material, equipment and instruments
  • Pay hostel fees and boarding charges
  • For studies abroad, fund expenses of air travel, incidental charges, purchase of outfits ( clothing & other equipment )
  • Fund other education-related expenses such as examination, library and laboratory fee, uniforms, caution deposit, building fund or refundable deposits supported by Institution bills and receipts, up to 10% of the total tuition fees for the entire course
  • Purchase computers needed for the course.
  • Insurance premium for student borrower
  • Any other expense in relation to the course - study tours, project work, thesis etc.

Margin : NIL

Moratorium : NIL

Processing Fee / Mortgage Charges : NIL

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